TOYOTA CANADA: Toyota Financial Services – Contact Us #car #leasing #online

Contact Us/FAQ Leasing and financing information is provided directly by..

TOYOTA CANADA: Toyota Financial Services – Contact Us #car #leasing #online

Contact Us/FAQ

Leasing and financing information is provided directly by your Toyota dealer. If you require further clarification about your Toyota Financial Services financing or lease agreement, you can contact Toyota Financial Services at 1-888-Toyota-8 (1-888-869-6828), Monday to Friday from 9am-5pm, for all time zones.

  • Toyota Financial Services
  • 80 Micro Court, Suite 200
  • Markham ON L3R 9Z5
  • Phone: (905) 513-8200
  • Fax: (905) 513-9776


24,000 kilometres per year

You have the option of purchasing extra kilometres at a reduced rate up front. If you are not sure, you can buy extra kilometres at lease end at our standard rate. If you drive significantly more than the standard allowance, financing may be a better option for you.

GAP protection is automatically included in all Toyota Care Leases.If your vehicle is declared a total loss, GAP will cover the difference (the gap), after you pay the deductible, between what you owe on the remainder of your lease and the amount of your insurance settlement. You are only responsible for excess kilometre charges and any pre-existing damage to the vehicle.

All Toyota Care Leases are closed end leases. This means you make a set number of payments over the term of your lease and the leasing company guarantees the price or lease end value of your vehicle at the end of the term. Factors such as economic conditions, vehicle popularity, colour and equipment can all affect the value of a used vehicle and can result in the market value being lower than the lease end value at the end of your term. By guaranteeing the lease end value, Toyota Financial Services assumes the risk of any loss on the used vehicle. So, if your car is worth less than the lease end value, you can simply return the vehicle to us. You are only responsible for charges at lease end that may result from excess wear and tear or exceeding the kilometre limit set out in your lease contract.

The customer is responsible for the vehicle’s overall condition as detailed on the lease agreement (appearance, mechanical condition etc.). Charges will apply to kilometres that exceed the provisions in the lease.


Simple Interest financing is the consumer friendly way to calculate interest. Like the name implies, the concept is simple. If you pay a day early, you are credited for a day’s interest. If you pay a day late, you pay a day’s interest.


Here is an example that shows the difference in your monthly payment depending on whether you lease or finance your vehicle.

The MSRP and rates used above are approximate and used only as an example. Please see your Toyota Dealer for current finance and lease rates.

*Taxes (GST PST) are 13% in this example.

Customer Service Support Information

Fax or mail Toyota Financial Services (TFS) a copy of your new VOID cheque or preauthorized debit form, including your name, address and TFS account number or the VIN number of your vehicle. We only accept void cheques from the buyer/co-buyer, or lessee/co-lessee on the contract. Fax to 905-513-9776 or 1-800-665-4948.

Yes, however the new individual must visit a Toyota Dealer, submit a credit application and be approved by TFS.

Yes. A $400 transfer fee (plus applicable taxes) is charged to cover all costs related to the transfer.

Yes. TFS allows you to make lump-sum payments on your account so you can pay off your loan sooner and reduce your interest charges. Lump sum payments are not permitted on leases.

Yes, for your convenience we accept payments through ABM, telephone and web banking services from various financial institutions. For further details please contact TFS for assistance at 905-513-8200 or 1-800-661-3062.

Simply fax us a copy of your marriage certificate identified with your TFS account number or VIN number to 905-513-9776 or 1-800-665-4948

If you are taking your vehicle outside of Canada for longer than 30 days, you must notify TFS immediately and choose one of the following options:

  • Buy out the vehicle
  • Complete a Transfer (to someone living in Canada)
  • Negotiate with the dealer to terminate your contract and buy out the vehicle

TFS has arrangements with the banks to make a second attempt 2-3 days after the initial attempt. When funds are not available within specified period, contact our Customer Service Department to make arrangements.

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