May 19 2019

#What to do in kansas state @ #Video

#What #to #do #in #kansas #state

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What to do in kansas state

Knights of Columbus
Kansas State Council


State Deputy Dale A. Weber Message
April 2019

In just a few weeks, we will meet in Manhattan for the 118th Annual State Convention! The convention is and will always be a great time to renew old friendships and to celebrate the achievements of the fraternal year. It looks we’ll have many things to celebrate: new records in tootsie roll donations, a record amount of religious education monies raised, Seminarian support, the installation of two ultrasound machines, with another scheduled by the end of April and four more possibilities in the next 9 to 12 months in pregnancy crisis centers, and the installation of one new Knights of Columbus council and another expected by the end of the fraternal year!

2019 Sporting Clay Tournament

The 2019 Sporting Clays Tournament is scheduled for April 27, 2019 at Lynbrooke Sporting Clay, 1419 SW 120th Street, Augusta, KS. The host council Clonmel-Schulte #3114, invites all Brother Knights and their families to join them for great fun and fellowship. There is more information including start times, prices, prizes and registration in the attachment.

Click here for program information.

2019 Kansas Free Throw Winners

Final Results for the Kansas Knights of Columbus 2019 Free Throw Contest can be found by clicking on the following.

75th Annual State Bowling Tournament Results

Final Results for the 75th Annual Kansas Knights of Columbus Bowling Tournament can be found by clicking on the following for each category.

Marian Hour of Prayer

A *GREAT* parish / faith activity, the Knights of Columbus Marian Prayer Program will begin in the State of Kansas September 23th.The 2018 – 2019 program will continue through June 2019. Click here to view the 2018-2019 schedule of where this icon will be in the state. Please contact your local council for prayer service times and locations. Council support is greatly appreciated.

2018-2019 Seminarians

Names and Addresses of Kansas Seminarians assisted by our Adopt-A-Seminarian Program during the 2018-2019 school year. Read More

Kansas Knight of the Month

For the Month for February
Matt Klinker
Council #16595-Olathe-St. John Paul II
District 12

For the Month for January
Leroy Funk
Council #2093–Nortonville
District 04

Supreme Council Families of the Month

For the Month of February
Clyde Ebert Family
Council #902 – Flush
District 25

George Miller Family
Council #1901- Greeley
District 15

Robert Laughlin Family
Council #7485- Andover
District 28

Bill Blick Family
Council #16700 – Wichita-Christ the King
District 36

118th Annual State Convention

The 118th Annual State Convention is being hosted by Seven Dolors Council #1832 and St. Thomas More Council #8488 in Manhattan. Please visit for more information.

Supreme Faith in Action Program

Supreme Council Faith in Action Program information can be found at Or you can Click here for a full version of the guide.

E-member Program

Our parishes, communities need strong Catholic men to answer the call to lead with faith, protect our families, serve others and defend our values.

For over one hundred and fifteen years, the Knights of Columbus in Kansas have done exactly that, standing up for the Church, serving the least among us and strengthening our parishes and families. Eligible Catholic men, 18 and older, can now join the Knights of Columbus online in a simple, streamline process.

As a member, you join a worldwide community of nearly two million men, including over 38,000 here in Kansas, who stand together. Men we have a duty to lead, protect, serve and defend. The world needs more committed, unified Catholic men to answer the call.

We must use all tools that are available to us to reach new members in the state of Kansas.
Please click on this link to access E-Member

Program and Membership Guide

The 2018-2019 Program and Membership has been published.
Click here for a full version of the guide.

Social Media Links

Knights of Columbus Kansas State Council information and notices can now also be found on Twitter and Facebook. Just follow the links below to their respective account.

Our Twitter account is @Kansas_KofC and is located here:

Our Facebook account is KansasKofC and is located here:

The Program and Membership Guide references the “Council Reports CD” in many places.The forms can be found on the Supreme website at

The form to include with scrapbooks is Form STSP – State Council Service Program Awards Entry Form.

Membership, Insurance, and Missing Forms Reports

How is your council progressing in its quest for the Star Council Award and Sunflower Award for Excellence? The three requirements for the Star Council Award are 1) make the membership goal, 2) make the insurance goal, 3) complete and submit three forms to the Supreme office. The Sunflower Award has some additional requirements above the Star Council Award. Click here to view the requirements and awards for your Council. Click on the links below to view the progress your council is making towards achieving these three goals. These reports will be updated each weekday, so check back often!

The 2018-2019 Theme for Recruiting this year is “Welcome One Another as Christ Has Welcomed You”. You are encouraged to offer membership to any Catholic male age 18 or older. It’s simple, all you have to do is ask them.

Safe Environment Program

Our Safe Environment Program safeguards children and other vulnerable persons, assures members and their families that we maintain a safe environment, protects members from awkward situations, misunderstandings, and appearances of impropriety, builds trust with arch/dioceses and parishes, and protects the good name of the Knights of Columbus.

Three training modules are required for members serving in youth leader and certain officer roles: “Meet Sam,”addressing the issue of sexual abuse awareness, “Duty to Report,”covering legal reporting obligations, and “Know Your Policies,”a review of Knights of Columbus safe environment policies. We also maintain a youth leader screening process, including background checks, specifically for members who lead Knights of Columbus youth activities.

Please click on link below to access Supreme Councils webpage for more information and what positions are required to acquire this training:

Subscribe to our mailing list

Would you like to receive information from the State Council including notices concerning illness or death of current or former state personnel and announcements from the Supreme Council. Complete the items below and then click on subscribe.

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